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Camp is the laboratory of Scouting, where staff, troopleaders, and Scouts work together to learn the best that Scouting can offer indeveloping better troops, qualified Scouters, and skillful, self-reliant youngmen.


Fundamental of the methods to accomplish the purpose ofScouting is troop operation by patrols. The patrol method is basic to goodcamping.

All phases of the camp and troop operation should worktowards healthy and vibrant patrols. The patrol site is a vital part of thetroop's campsite. Dining and food preparation arrangements also favor thepatrol. Camp activities and Scout skill instruction can and should encouragepatrol involvement.


The troop's own campsite is the heart of the Scout programwhile the troop is in camp. It is here that the basic Scoutcraft skills arelearned and practiced under the watchful eye of the Scoutmaster. Many Scoutingactivities can be done here when simple program facilities are available in thecampsite.


The camp, in making full use of its outstanding facilitiesprovides additional resource opportunities outside the troop campsite. Theseareas are fully staffed to provide merit badge counselors, recreationalopportunities, and general methods to further the Scout outdoor program. Theseareas are available to all Scouts during scheduled program hours.


The daily advancement program at Forestburg is broken downinto two phases. The morning program is dedicated to structured merit badgeprograms with instructional sessions held at 8:30 am, 9:30 am, 10:30 am, and11:30 am. This is also when Frontier Camp is held.

The first hour of the afternoon program will be forstructured merit badges, followed by the open “format”. Each program area willbe open and staffed for additional merit badge instruction or to handle"self-prepared" merit badge reviews. Each area has designated"self-prepared" merit badges. When a Scout is ready to presentrequirements for a badge for review or to receive additional instruction, hemay go to the area during the afternoon at any time the area is open.


Unit leaders are always encouraged to review theiradvancement needs and help their leadership develop a troop camp advancementprogram from this basis before coming to camp. Since most badges require aconsiderable effort, the Scouts are encouraged to attempt only two or threemerit badges in order to get full benefit of the camp program.

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