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Boy Scout Troop 2020
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Troop 2020   

  Trustworthy              Loyal               Helpful               Friendly               Courteous               Kind               Obedient               Cheerful               Thrifty               Brave               Clean               Reverent              

We have "Eagle Vision"

Based out of Haslet, Texas - Troop 2020 is centered on an active scouting experience where the boys (and sometimes the adults) learn life-long leadership, citizenship and personal responsibility in an outdoor "laboratory" using a proven program for personal advancement through team based activities and success.

We welcome any boy in grades 6th - 12th (ages 11-18) and their parents to join us for our troop meetings held every Monday evening starting at 7:00pm at The Fellowship Of The Parks Church (1029 Avondale Haslet Rd, Haslet, TX.)

Because we believe in keeping the family close as the boys move through this pivotal time in their lives, we openly encourage all parents to join us for all Troop activities and campouts.

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Greenbelt Pick-up

Troop 2020's Trash Pickup is a weekly process.  We primarily meet at 8:00am at the Sendera Ranch front pool to police the main entrance and members pool area.  Following this pickup we move on to our individual areas.

We would like to assign some unattended areas to those who don’t have one. If you are up for the responsibility and would like to take on a section please contact Jim Christian (817-896-4759).

Mr. Christian is looking for 1 family to take over a recently vacated section along Diamond Back Rd. He also needs a volunteer, preferably 2, to take care of the section behind the school. Mr. Christian may be able to split this section into every other weekend if he gets 2 family volunteers. Mr. Moore talked with the HOA and we now have Sunday available to pick up trash. This will help out with everyone’s busy schedules. Please keep Mr. Christian informed (text message is sufficient) when you have finished your section and or if you can’t get your section done.

Remember, this clean-up process is not just for the benefit of our community. It puts our troop out where the community can see the boys' hard work, and it puts much needed funding in to the Troop to help defray the cost of equipment, fuel, and other supplies - especially Summer Camp and other High Adventure activities.

This fund raising is ESSENTIAL to the success of the boys in this troop and is what keeps the troop (and parents) from having to do all the other (less beneficial) fund raisers throughout the year.  Additionally, it keeps the families from dipping further in to their own parental pockets for the activities.

Thanks for helping the Troop grow!!