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Our troop has several different forms of fund raising. These fundraisers are used to collect funds to assist in keeping the troop running. This also helps get scouts to different scouting events, as well as maintain and replacing equipment as it becomes necessary.

Linn Mar High School Football Stadium Cleanup
This is done during the Fall football season. This also qualifies as a community project for the troop.

Swamp Fox Festival Food Sales
The Swamp Fox Festival happens in Early September, after Labor Day. This is a four day festival commemorating Frances Marion, the Swamp Fox as he was called by the British during the Revolutionary War.

Boy Scout Popcorn Sales
These sales begin in early October and continue until Thanksgiving. This gives the scouts an opportunity to earn money that they can use to go to Scout Camp. This is a big fundraiser for this area.

Fundraising Guidelines

Guidelines for Troop 360 Boy Scout Fundraising accounts:

  •  Money in the boys' individual account may be used for the following:
  1. Scout related activities over $20 per event. (i.e. Boy Scout Camp, Jamboree, High Adventure trips.. Merit Badge workshops) etc.)
  2. Scouting related equipment or apparel purchased at the BSA Scout Shop. (Scouts need to bring the receipt for purchase to the Troop Treasurer for reimbursement from their accounts
  3. Dues will be subtracted when Scout is more than 3 months delinquent to bring dues up-to-date.
  • Fundraising money may accumulate from year to year with no time restriction when account needs to reach a zero balance. The only restriction would be when a youth reaches eighteen the account is closed. 
  • When closing Scout account, through inactivity with the troop or turning eighteen, the following will be applied:
  1. All past dues will be current.
  2. The troop will write a check to the Scout for reimbursement offunds in his scout account or accept the balance as a donation from the scout