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Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 360. We are sponsored by Faith Lutheran Church located in
Marion, Iowa. A scout does not have to be a member of this church or religion to be a member
of this troop.
We are governed by the rules of the Boy Scouts of America. Troop 360 is a member of the
Hawkeye Area Council-Three Rivers District of the Boy Scouts of America
a. Troop meetings are held each Monday night from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, unless otherwise noted. Summer troop meeting hours are usually Monday nights from 7pmto 8pm. Troop Committee meetings are usually scheduled to be held once a month at a time and location to be announced. This committee consists of interested parents who assist with the troop activities. Any parent is eligible and invited to attend. 

b. Patrol Leaders Council meetings are scheduled usually once a month at a time and
location announced before the meeting. This meeting is with the Boy Scout patrol
leaders to plan the details for the upcoming events.
c. Special Monthly Event is a special activity scheduled for each month, which is
normally a camping trip.
d. Patrol Leader meetings are meetings where different patrols get together and are held
as needed. A parent must be available.
2. Medical Information:
a. A scout must have a physical completed by a doctor. This physical is good for three
years. Each scout must have their medical information sheet completed and turned into
the troop before he will be allowed to go to any scouting function. These forms are
available at troop meetings and the completed forms are taken to every scout function for
use in case of emergency.
3. Scout Uniform:
The uniform makes the Boy Scout troop visible as a force for good and creates a positive
youth image in the community. Boy Scouting is an action program, and wearing the
uniform is an action that shows each Boy Scout's commitment to the aims and purposes
of Scouting. The uniform gives the Boy Scout identity in a world brotherhood of youth
who believe in the same ideals. The uniform is practical attire for Boy Scout activities
and provides a way for Boy Scouts to wear the badges that show what they have
accomplished. From the Hawkeye Area Council website.
    a. Scout hat:
Purchase of a regular BSA hat is optional.
    b. Scout neckerchief:
9125/2006 Troop 360 bylaws revised March 2006 Page 1
Members of Troop 360 are required to wear a neckerchief with their class A uniform
at all events, unless directed otherwise. 
    c. Scout shirt:
Class A uniform is required to participate in all events, unless otherwise directed. A
short sleeve Class A uniform shirt is recommended.
    d. Scout T-shirt:
The troop has designed a troop Class B uniform shirt. The class B uniform is usually
worn during the summer months. 
    e. Scout belt:
Boy Scout belt is optional.
    f. Scout pants:
Blue jeans or appropriate shorts have been adopted at this time for the Class A and B
uniforms and are to be worn for Court of Honors and Campouts. No gym shorts or
    g. Merit badge shash:
To be worn at the Court of Honor and other special events.
    h. Shoes:
Wear footwear appropriate for the activity. Closed-toe shoes are recommended for
NOTE: A Class A uniform includes a scout shirt, pants or shorts, a belt, and
neckerchief. A Class B Uniform consists of a troop or BSA T-shirt. Placement of the
uniform emblems can be found in the Scout handbook. All uniform items should be
marked with the Scout's name in a non-removable place.
4. Personal Camping Equipment:
    a. Knife:
A folding pocket knife to be kept in the pocket. This knife must be legal length, four
inches max. No scout can carry a knife without his Totin' Chip' with him.
    b. Scout handbook
    c. Flashlight
    d. Canteen or unbreakable liter bottle, biking water bottles accepted.
    e. Poncho or rain gear
    f. Clothing appropriate for the conditions.
    g. Unbreakable cup for all camping trips
    h. Eating utensils or mess kit: bowl, plate, silverware, drinking cup, etc
    i. Compass

    Additional equipment to be considered.
    a. Good cold weather sleeping bag -20 degree rating.
    b. Air mattress, foam mattress, or self-inflating mat.
    c. Back pack, internal frame recommended.
    d. Hiking boots.
    5. Parental support:
Any parent or any family member over 18 years of age is welcome to any scout meeting
or scout trip. We always need help with transportation to and from camping trips. Each
parent is expected to help with transportation once in a while. Any parent who wishes to
become involved with activities is encouraged to do so.
    6. Troop Committee:
The Troop Committee consists of the following adult leadership positions:
Secretary Outdoor/Activities
Equipment Treasurer
    7. Leadership:
Boy Scouts is a youth led organization. This is the reason the Scoutmaster does not have
leader in the title and the Senior Patrol Leader does. Because of this, it is important to
know the office your child has and the responsibilities of that office so you can assist
him in being successful in that office.
The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) is responsible for coordinating activities and delegating
duties to others to help the Troop function. In the absence of the SPL, these
responsibilities fall to the Assistant SPL. The event coordinator must be notified by
Monday prior to the outing so proper transportation can be made. On the Monday before
the activity, the Patrol Leader must get his patrol and equipment together and make sure
it is ready to go on the activity. The patrol leader must make sure all the equipment is
together, ready to go on the activity. The PL must make sure all the equipment is
cleaned before being returned to the troop. All patrol functions are under the control of
the patrol leader.   
a. Patrol Leaders Council:
This council consists ofthe Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol leader and
all scouts in the troop leadership positions as needed. If a meeting is scheduled and
the senior patrol leader or patrol leader cannot attend, the assistant must attend in
their place.

b. Troop elections:
Troop and patrol leadership positions are checked every six months. The senior
patrol leader is selected once a year
b. Troop elections
Troop and patrol leadership positions are checked every six months.
(striking the second line about the Senior Patrol Leader)
  8. Position requirements are as follows:
    1. Senior patrol leader: must be a Star Scout or above.
    2. Patrol Leader: 1st class or above for 2nd year patrols.
1st year patrols have no requirement.
    3. Troop guide: 1st class or above
    4. All other positions are appointed according to the Scout handbook every six months.
Each patrol is required to have an assistant patrol leader and a quartermaster. One patrol quartermaster also serves as the troop quartermaster.
  9. Finances
    a. Dues:
$5.00 a month per Scout.
    b. Troop fund-raisers:
Are held as needed to fund the troop camping program, troop
merit badge program, and other activities.
    c. National registration:
Each December, the troop is rechartered with the National BSA
and Hawkeye Area Council.
    d. Activity cost:
Cost for all activities is split among the troop.
    e. Boy's Life:
A magazine for BSA is offered to the scouts each December. The troop
will purchase this for the entire troop membership if funds allow. The Troop will
purchase one subscription per family ifthere are multiple Scouts from a family.
  10. Advancements:
Each scout is on his own and there is no pressure to advance. If he wishes to stay a
Tenderfoot for three years but is active in the troop, that is fine. Parents are encouraged
to work with their sons on their rank advancement but the actual passing of the
requirements is left up to the patrol leaders and the adult leaders. The scout handbook is
the most important item for a scout to have. It explains everything about scouting and is
fun to read. Each scout is required to keep track of his advancement and troop keeps
records on each scout.
The Scoutmaster and other leaders are available at each meeting to go over any
advancement. Scouts needing a Scout Master Conference must contact the Scout Master
before the meeting to arrange for their conference. We recognize the scout at the next
meeting for any advancements and the new rank is officially awarded at the following
Court of Honor. The advancement chairperson is in charge of merit badge
  11. Conduct:
At all scout activities, the scout is expected to obey all troop rules. When the scout sign
goes up, the scout is to be quiet and attentive and to return the scout sign. Any scout who
cannot obey the troop rules will be called before the Patrol Leader's Council on the first
offense. If the problem continues (2nd offense), the parents will be notified, with followup
action being taken by the Troop Committee.   
The following is a list of the troop rules:
    a. No hazing is allowed, such a snipe hunts, looking for an oar lock key, etc.
        This is a waste of time that could be used to teach scout skills, no exceptions can be made.
    b. Smoking is not allowed.
    c. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed in any circumstances.
    d. Fireworks, non-folding knives or nunchucks are not allowed.
    e. Swearing and foul language is not tolerated from anyone.
    f. Bad attitudes, negativism, and persistent whining must be left at home.
  12. Scout participation:
a. The troop follows the patrol method of all scout activities. At activities where there is
less than a full patrol, the patrols are combined. All activities have work assignments
and all scouts are expected to carry out their assigned duties in support of the
b. The troop understands other conflicting activities relating to sports, school and church
frequently occurs. We will work with such matters to help the scout keep up in
Scouting Activities. For advancement, the scout must be reasonably active with the
troop in accordance with the national BSA requirements in effect as of January 1,
c. For a scout to participate in Troop activities the parents of each scout must complete a
permission slip once a year. An example of the permission slip is attached at the end
of the bylaws.
13. Voting:
We use the Roberts' Rules of Order for all troop elections (majority rules). For patrol
leader elections, one-third of the patrol must be present before the elections can be held.
For all other elections, the attending members of the patrol at the meeting vote. To be
elected to an office a scout must receive at least 50% of the eligible votes cast.
14. Transportation:
Our Troop follows the guidelines set forth in the Guide to Safe Scouting section XII