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You are responsible for all of the information on this page.If you have any questions that are not answered here, send an email to and we will be happy to help.

All scouts are asked to live the scout motto:   BE PREPARED

MBU is a great opportunity to EARN merit badges.  Do your best to be ready to COMPLETE your merit badges, not just start them.

Things to bring:

  • Class A scout uniforms are required.
  • Have all prerequisites done before you arrive.  These can be found most easily by accessing the site and the home page here site where you and your troop registered. If you have prerequisites, you should contact your merit badge counselor in advance to make sure you bring any written or physical proof of completion they want.
  • Print out and bring the worksheets for each of your merit badges.  Use these sheets to complete your early requirements.
  • Bring the most recent merit badge book if you have it.
  • Bring paper and pencil/pen for each class 
  • Bring a blue merit badge card, filled out and signed by your unit leader, for each merit badge. 
  • NOTE: Counselors WILL NOT provide merit badge blue cards.
  • All scouts are encouraged to bring their own water bottle, if desired

All scouts are asked to arrive at the Rochester Institute of Technology no later than 8:30am ready for the day. We ask that you park in parking lot S and make your way to Gosnell Hall (8) for sign-in and a brief opening ceremony. Once your scout leader signs in, they will receive a day-of packet which will have the rest of the logistics for day-of events (locations, times, etc...).  

Lunch will be provided but, if you want seconds you will need extra money.  $1/slice & $1/drink.