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Boy Scout Troop 33
(Hamilton, Michigan)
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Cole Canoe Base Scout Camp

Calling ALL Scouts in Troop 33!

Troop 33 will be attending Summer Camp at Cole Canoe Base this summer.  Same basic program as Camp Gerber, just a different location.

WHEN:  Saturday, July 20 - Saturday, July 27

First Year Scouts (FYS)  (those Scouts that cross over from Webelos to Boy Scouts in 2019) can take part in a special program that will cover the "basics" of Boy Scouting, including making SIGNIFICANT progress in the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks.  (FYS are STRONGLY encouraged to attend camp for this reason -- it is not easy to attain the rank requirements with regular Scout meetings).

Older Scouts will be able to choose from the MANY Merit Badges available at Cole Canoe Base (more than Gerber had!).  The list is here:

Payment Schedule: TO BE UPDATED WITH 2019 DATES SOON


Scouts:  $375 ($330 for camp + $45 for transportation and firewood) total if camp portion is paid by 4/24 (increases to $390 after that date)

Adults:  $205 total if ($160 MUST be paid in full by 4/24)

$50 by 1/16

$50 by 1/16

$100 by 2/27

$50 by 2/27

$100 by 3/27


$80 by 4/24

$60 by 4/24

$45 by 5/22

$45 by 5/22


Note:  Scout accounts can be used for any of the payments.  To use money in an account,the Scout just needs to fill out the form (found in the Scout cabin)


Note:  Price includes transportation to Cole and firewood.Any extra not used towards camp costs will be refunded to the Scout.  Meals on the way to and from, as well as the Class B camp t-shirt are not included in the payments due.


Forms required:



Health Form - includes a full physical signed by a doctor (will be handed out soon)



Health Form - includes a full physical signed by a doctor (will be handed out soon)

DHS Clearance Form (if not already on file)


Questions and Payments can be directed to Lisa

Icon File Name Comment  
680-001_ABC BSA Health Form.pdf Health form - Adult and Scout - Complete all three parts  
ccb-2018-merit-badge-schedule.pdf Merit Badge selection sheet  

Merit Badge Schedule

Cole Canoe Base 2019
First Year Scouts: RANK Swim 10:00-3:00    
  1st 9-10 2nd 10-11 3rd 11-12 4th 1:30-2:30 5th 2:30-3:30 6th 3:30-4:30 7th 4:30-5:25 (optional)
American Heritage Yes            
Archaeology       Yes      
Archery 9-10:30 10:30-12 10:30-12 1-3:30      
Art Yes         Yes  
Astronomy Yes            
ATV Rider 16 years old + $35   10-12   1:30-3:30      
Automotive Maintenance Yes     Yes      
Backpacking     Yes        
Basketry     Yes   Yes    
Bird Study Yes            
Camping Yes   Yes Yes      
Canoeing (12 yrs old +) Yes   Yes        
Chess       Yes   Yes  
Cit in Nation   Yes     Yes    
Cit in the Community Yes     Yes      
Cit in the World     Yes     Yes  
Climbing (15 yrs old +)   Yes          
Communications   Yes     Yes    
Composite Materials         Yes    
Cooking   10-12     2:30-4:30    
Crime Prevention (Mon/Tues) Yes            
Digital Technology   Yes     Yes    
Electricity   Yes     Yes    
Emergency Prep     Yes        
Energy     Yes        
Envir. Science   Yes       Yes  
Fingerprinting (Wed, Thurs) Yes            
Fire Safety           Yes  
First Aid 9-11     1:30-3:30      
Fish and Wildlife Mgmt   Yes   Yes      
Fishing   Yes       Yes  
Fly Fishing     Yes Yes      
Forestry     Yes        
Game Design Yes Yes   Yes      
Geocaching           Yes  
Geology     Yes        
Graphic Arts Yes     Yes      
Hiking     Yes        
Home Repairs     Yes        
Indian Lore Yes         Yes  
Insect Study   Yes          
Inventing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Journalism     Yes        
Kayaking   Yes Yes   Yes    
Law           Yes  
Leatherwork Yes     Yes   Yes  
Lifesaving 9-11          
Mammal Study Yes       Yes    
Medicine           Yes  
Model Design and Building   Yes          
Motorboating (14 years)         Yes    
Moviemaking           Yes  
Music     Yes     Yes  
Nature Yes       Yes    
Oceanography         Yes    
Orienteering Yes       Yes    
Painting     Yes        
Personal Fitness Yes     Yes      
Personal Management   Yes     Yes    
Photography   Yes          
Pioneering   Yes     Yes    
Plumbing Yes            
Programming           Yes  
Public Speaking     Yes   Yes    
Pulp and Paper       Yes      
Reptile and Amphib.           Yes  
Rifle Shooting 9-11     1:30-3:30      
Rowing (12 yrs + 1st class)   Yes          
Salesmanship           Yes  
Sculpture     Yes        
Search and Rescue           Yes  
Shotgun Shooting 9-11     1:30-3:30      
Signs, Signals, Codes     Yes Yes      
Small Boat Sailing (12 years)       1:30-3:30      
Soil and Water Conservation         Yes    
Space Exploration           Yes  
Sports   Yes          
Swimming Yes Yes Yes   Yes    
Theater Yes     Yes      
Weather   Yes     Yes    
Welding (14 years)     Yes     Yes  
Wilderness Survival         Yes    
Wood Carving   Yes     Yes