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Boy Scout Troop 33
(Hamilton, Michigan)
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Cooking Merit Badge

In February - March 2014, Troop 33 worked during meeting time on the Cooking merit badge (using the new "Eagle required" requirements).  Scouts that attended all meetings, turned in both the MyPlate worksheet and the "quiz" worksheet, will have earned 1-4.  Requirements 5-7 require LOTS of planning and cooking, which makes this merit badges one of the longest ones there is.  Requirement 8 just requires some research on the Scout's part.

Requirements 5, 6 and 7 are cooking at home, camping and backpacking respectively.  For each, the Scout has to plan a number of meals for each scenario, using different cooking techniques and following MyPlate FDA guidelines.  He then has to do price gathering for the menus he develops, finally picking 3 or 4 (as specified) to actually cook.  He must cook for the requirement number of people the specified meals (at home, at a campout, or on a hike respectively), AND get feedback on the meals.

Attached at the bottom of this page are the checklist sheet the Troop created, as well as two of the worksheets we used.  Use this page as a reference.

Link to requirements (with downloadable worksheets at bottom of page):

Links to recipes:
<coming soon>

Icon File Name Comment  
Cooking 2.docx FDA guidelines  
Cooking Merit Badge requirements.xlsx Checklist  
Cooking Recap.docx End "recap" required to turn in