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Boy Scout Troop 33
(Hamilton, Michigan)
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Boy-Led Leadership

From the Scoutmasters' Handbook:
“Empowering boys to be leaders is the core of Scouting.
Scouts learn by doing, and what they do is lead their patrols
and their troop. The boys themselves develop a troop program,
then take responsibility for figuring out how they will
achieve the goals. One of our most important challenges is
to train boy leaders to run the troop by providing direction,
coaching and support. The boys will make mistakes now and
then and will rely upon the adult leaders to guide them. But
only through real hands-on experience as leaders can boys
learn to lead.”

What does this mean to Troop 33?
  • Scouts will be divided into patrols, each with its own leaders
  • The Troop will elect leadership to fill the various roles in the Troop
  • Scouts will determine the activities and events that patrols and/or the Troop will take part in
  • Scouts will do the planning for the events, with adult assistance when needed
  • Scouts WILL be allowed to fail (when safety permits) in order to learn from their own mistakes
  • Scouts will be given the tools for effective leadership
  • Scouts will always have access to adults to aid in leadership
  • Scouts will be self-motivated to work on rank advancement and merit badges.  Leaders will do merit badge sessions when the Troop wants it, but it is up to the SCOUT to complete the work.  Parents should NOT force or entice boys to work on badges.
Here is a link to a good article on what Boy-led leadership means:

Leadership Positions

Troop 33 follows the "boy-led" philosophy -- the Scouts themselves lead the troop with the guidance and skills of the adult leadership.  To earn various ranks, Scouts need to "hold a position of leadership".  All positions:
- set a good example of Scouting
- wear uniforms correctly and regularly
- have good attendance at Troop and Patrol events

Position summary
Senior Patrol Leader - 1st Class or up, has Leadership Training.  Guides the Troop in all meetings and activities.  Works with Scoutmaster to plan meetings.  Calls monthly PLC meetings, and helps Patrol leadership.
Asst. Senior Patrol Leader - 1st Class or up, has Leadership Training.  Leads in the absence of SPL.  Is in charge of leadership positions other than Patrol Leaders and Troop Guide.
Troop Guide - Works closely on a weekly basis with the Lightning Patrol (first year Scouts).  Ensures they know what is going on, are planning patrol events, and are actively working on rank.  Must be comfortable with rank requirements, talking with all first year Scouts, and willing to guide them to become successful Scouts.  Requires good attendance to meetings and events.
Quartermaster - Detail oriented, loves camping, and able to keep accurate and complete records of Troop gear.  In charge of organizing Troop Trailer and keeping inventory.  Ensures proper gear is ready for upcoming events (with the help of other Scouts).
Scribe - Keeps notes, schedule, and attendance for the Troop.  Aids in keeping the achievement poster up to date (responsibility of each Scout).  Good handwriting, orderly, and good attendance at meetings and PLC meetings.
Instructor - Teaches Scout skills to the Troop with assistance from others.  Comfortable teaching in front of small and large groups using the EDGE method.  Spends time with the First Year Scouts working on Tenderfood - First Class.
Librarian - Responsible for the Troop library of Merit Badge and other books/pamphlets.  Keeps inventory, has checkout mechanism, and suggests additions to the library.  Detail oriented person that can keep good records.
Historian - Ensures the current history of the Troop is recorded.  Takes and collects photos and stores in albums or other archival location.  Keeps track of trophies/ribbons and other historical relics.  Learns and notes the history of all Troop items.  Someone that loves history and is well organized.
OA Troop Rep - Elected member of Order of the Arrow that serves as the communicator between the lodge and the Troop OA members.  Attends OA roundtable meetings.  Encourages OA members to attend events.
Chaplain's Aid - Someone comfortable with his religion and willing to lead the Troop in prayer (non-denominational) when needed.
Webmaster - Someone comfortable with technology and is willing to keep the Troop website up to date.

Patrol Leader - Leads all Patrol meetings/Patrol time.  Encourages spirit in the patrol, and helps schedule Patrol events.  Attends monthly PLC meetings.
Asst. Patrol Leader - Assists the Patrol leader.  (Not a "leadership position" that can be used for Star, Life or Eagle rank)

Full description of the different Scout positions: