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Boy Scout Troop 33
(Hamilton, Michigan)
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Popcorn Sales

Hey Scouts (and parents), it’s once again time to get excited and SELL POPCORN!!!!!

Let's make it happen! I can arrange for "show n sell" time slots at the Food center again. We can ask at Gillroys', gas stations etc. Let me know WHERE YOU want to set up a table and sell and/or if you plan to do the door-to-door sales.
Earn money for the scout account! You can use it to pay for dues, scout stuff from the scout store, camp fees, anything scout related!! 

Some dates to remember:

2016 Popcorn Sale Timeline

Date:    Description:
 Sat, August 27th  SALE STARTS!!!
 October 1st or 2nd  Pick up Show and Sell popcorn (previously ordered for Scout) from Kernel's house (time TBD).  Can’t make that time? Call and set up another time
 October Call area stores/businesses to set up times to set up a table for Show and Sell.  You will be responsible to bring your own table, chairs and cash for change… All checks should be made out to Troop 33
October 25 Sale Ends
Tues, Oct 25th  Please plan on turning in your "Take orders" by our October 25th meeting.  "Show and Sell" product and money also do at this meeting.
Nov 12th or 13th  Pick up "Take Order" popcorn and start delivering.
   Deliver the popcorn and collect money.
 First of Dec  All money MUST be into the Troop

CHECKS:  All checks should be made out to "Troop 33"

"Fill it up" sheets to council with full order sheets for weekly prizes from council.

Sell at least $750 and choose between BB GUN or Robotics kit.

$1,000 sales club for council sports events and watermarks.
$2500 - scholarship fund, get 6% of total sales into a fund at trails-end. 

Here are some dates to keep on YOUR Calendar:

Although there are many ways to sell, SHOW AND SELL has proven to be the best sales tool that Scouting has used, 70% of the people you ask will purchase your product if you can deliver immediately. If YOU are planning on participating in SHOW AND SELL this yearPLEASE let me know and we can set up a time for you to pick up your product..

All Show and Sell Product taken and not sold MUST be returned to me with any money by: October 25th meeting... I do ask if you have product and do not feel you will be able to sell it, please give the Kernel a call as we may be able to get it sold by another Scout before the deadline.. If we don’t return by then the Troop must pay for any left over popcorn L

All Take Orders must also be turned in by October 25th at the Troop Meeting. 

Popcorn orders for Take Order will be ready for pickup the Kernel's house on November 12th/13th or I will bring it to the meeting on November 15th for you to pick up if you can‘t get to my house.. But please make an effort.

You will have 10 days to deliver and get your final money turned in to Kernel by  November 29th.

SELLING ONLINE IS EASY: to sell on-line go to, and then take the following steps: 1. Select Create an Account, 2. fill out the required information and select Sign up. 3. Go to the Spread the Word page to send emails to your customers. 4. Go to the Orders page to view your orders. 5. Go to the Resources page to learn the best ways to sell and to watch training videos. 6. Go to the Popcorn Sales page to view scholarship information.


Sub Sales

Sub Sale #1 2016 Details:

Forms have been distributed to the Scouts (September)

September 13:   Orders due to leaders
September 20:   Orders are due to Piepers (8-4pm @ Hamilton Block 4510 132nd Ave OR after 4pm 4620 132nd)
October 11: Pick up subs at Overisel Reformed Church from 8-8:30pm
October 18: Money is due -- bring to Scout cabin from 7-8:30pm (or to Hamilton Block and Ready mix during that day)

Questions?  Contact Curt or Karen -- or your Leader

Turkey: $4.00
Ham: $4.50
Ham/Turkey: $4.25
Ham/Turkey/on Wheat  $4.50
Roast Beef: $5.25

All are 8" subs with American cheese on white bread, unless noted otherwise


One of the easiest method of raising money is collecting pop cans and bottles.
Continue to bring in cans and bottles.
I will be looking for people to take the cans in to cash them in.
Please help keep our garages, pole barns and rodesides clean.


We need ideas and volunteers to help develop methods to raise some funds for out troop. Please don't be bashful, every bit of help is appreciated.