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Boy Scout Troop 33
(Hamilton, Michigan)
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Troop 33 Uniform Requirements

Troop 33 Uniform Requirements

Hamilton Troop 33 follows BSA requirements for uniforms.  Our troop wants each Scout to wear:
  • Tan uniform shirt (aka "Class A" uniform) with World Crest emblem, Troop numerals, and Council patch at minimum (patrol patch, rank badge, and any other approved patches can be added as desired)
  • Green (or red for older shirts) epaulets for shoulders (designates the Scout as a Boy Scout)
  • Troop neckerchief (provided at crossover or registration)

  • Olive Boy Scout pants
  • Hat
  • Merit Badge sash

Need a uniform but don't want to spend all the money on a new one?  Check our UNIFORM EXCHANGE site.  Still can't find what you need but can't afford a new shirt?  Please let us know -- we never want a boy to shy away from Scouts because of financial constraints.

A "Class B" uniform is any Troop t-shirt or other identifying garment that can be worn to activities (when wearing the full Class A uniform doesn't make sense).

Scout Uniform

The Scouting program in America has always included uniforms for its members and volunteers to identify members and show they are part of the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts and leaders should wear their uniforms to all patrol meetings and troop meetings.

The tan and green Boy Scout uniform is a well-known symbol of American scouting.  All scouts in the program wear the same uniform with the major differences being the badges each scout has earned and the troop specific neckerchief.

The official dress uniform is commonly referred to as the 'Class A' uniform. Most scout troops also have an activity uniform, referred to as 'Class B' which is often a t-shirt customized just for the troop or any Scout related shirt. Activity uniforms are worn for work projects, sporting activities, campouts, game & movie night, and other events in which the dress uniform might get damaged.

Uniform Checklist


Troop 33 requires a Boy Scout "class A" shirt for all meetings.  A Troop 33 neckerchief is available from the the Treasurer for $6, and slide for $3. The official Boy Scout hat is optional.   

What patches do I need for my Boy Scout Shirt?

American Flag
World Crest Emblem
Council Patch - Gerald R. Ford Council
Troop Number - 33

Forest Green or Red Shoulder Loops

Icon File Name Comment  
2008bsauniform.pdf 2008 Uniform  
34048.pdf Uniform Inspection Checklist for Adults  
Inspectionuniform_boy.pdf Uniform Inspection Checklist  

Where Do I Purchase My Uniform?

Uniform details, price changes, and other scouting gear is found at ScoutStuff.Org - and you can now purchase online.

Retrieve a list of Scout shops and distributors in your area at this
Scout Store Locator

Boy Scout Uniform Savings

These uniforms are a significant cost for many scouting families. Some possible ways to reduce costs are:
  • Have your scout earn his uniform or part of it.(it might last longer, too)
  • Buy used Boy Scout items on or local clothes store.
  • Troop 33 Uniform Exchange (see link on left tab)

Scout Handbook

A must have for every scout. 

Purchase your copy at...

The Boy Scout Handbook, and other scouting gear is found at ScoutStuff.Org - and you can now purchase online.
Retrieve a list of Scout shops and distributors in your area at this
Scout Store Locator